Covid19 Regulations

General Safety Rules at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Introduced to Prevent the Spread of SARSCoV-2

(Annex 2 to Regulation No. 174 of the UL Rector of 18 September 2020)

  1. Individuals without symptoms suggesting respiratory infection and individuals whose household members are not in quarantine or isolation may only stay in University buildings.

  2. Everyone shall be obliged to adhere to the rules and good practice, as below, and in particular:

    • to self-assess their own health before entering a University building;

    • to wear a face mask in the building, this obligation shall also apply to students, doctoral students, doctoral school attendees and other individuals attending classes, unless this is impossible or inadvisable due to the nature and characteristics of classes (e.g. physical education classes);

    • to wash (disinfect) hands regularly, in particular at the entrance to the building, using the personal hygiene equipment and hand sanitisers provided by the University,

    • to maintain a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres from the other person, if possible;

    • to apply protection when sneezing and coughing;

    • not to shake hands on greeting;

    • to limit direct contact with other users of the building to a minimum necessary;

    • not to use lifts, unless this is justified by disability or transport of heavy goods;

    • to ventilate rooms frequently, if possible;

    • to refrain from borrowing stationery, calculators, etc.;

    • to dispose of used disposable masks (protective gloves) into separate bins with a waste bag;

    • to follow the guidance provided in instructions on washing (disinfecting) hands; correctly putting on and taking off the mask (protective gloves);

    • to keep track of the information provided by the University authorities, state authorities and health services about how to deal with an epidemiological risk.

  3. In crisis situations, every employee can obtain support in the Academic Support Centre of the University of Lodz, located in the building at ul. Pomorska 152 in Lodz (phone 42 235 0171; e-mail:

Suspected Employee or Student SARS-CoV-2 Infection Procedure

  1. Employees or programme attendees who notice symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection in themselves shall be obliged to immediately contact the territorially competent sanitary services or other entities (individuals), competent on the day of occurrence of these symptoms, follow their instructions and inform about coronavirus infection by e-mail or telephone:

    • employees, the immediate superior;

    • students, the Dean;

    • doctoral students, doctoral school attendees, doctoral school manager or doctoral school director respectively;

  2. An individual who has experienced symptoms of infection shall be obliged to immediately cease work or classes. If her/his health allows it, the individual should go to the place of residence by individual transport, and if not possible, she/he should go to the isolation room designated in the building, where she/he awaits transport. The managers of units referred to in Section 2.1 shall be informed of this situation.

  3. Following a case of infection at WMiI, classes will be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the State District Sanitary Inspector.