Optional Courses


Optional Courses in Academic Year 2017/18.

Registration for optional courses for the winter and summer semester 2017/18 for students of Computer Science, both I degree (BSc) and II degree (MSc) will be open on UsosWeb
from 09:00 am. 17.09.2017
11:00 pm. 30.09.2017

Student is obliged to choose optional courses from the list published above.

Before registration read Information on the enrollment for optional courses published below.

If you have any questions and/or problems, please write to salska@math.uni.lodz.pl


Information on the enrollment for optional courses:

  1. According to the program of the studies, students are obliged to pass the optional courses of their own choice. Study programs are available at http://en.math.uni.lodz.pl/en/documents-and-information/ and one should choose Bachelor Degree since 2012/2013 or Master Degree since 2012/2013.

  2. Student are obliged to select courses from the offer of optional courses specified for a given field of study before the beginning of the academic year.

  3. Student are supposed to enrol on the selected courses through their own UsosWeb account by choosing the Registration tab.

  4. Optional courses for the number of ECTS points specified in the program should be selected. Selecting courses for more ECTS points than specified in the study program, without the Dean’s consent, will result in charging fees for additional courses at amounts consistent with the Rector’s resolutions.

  5. It is permissible to exceed the number of ECTS points by at most 2 ECTS points, unless the optional course at the level of 2 ECTS points is available.

  6. The optional course can be selected only once during the whole course of the study (1st degree and 2nd degree).

  7. The Dean decides to start classes for the specific optional course.

  8. In the case of non-fulfillment of the minimal limit of entries for the course, the group is cancelled. Students enrolled for the optional course that has been cancelled due to failure to meet the enrollment limit are obliged to register to another optional course selected from the list of optional courses specified during the second electronic registration.

  9. If the second electronic registration on UsosWeb is closed student is required to submit request letter to Dean available at http://en.math.uni.lodz.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/request_optional_courses.pdf.

  10. Enrollment on the optional course means that student is obliged to attend classes and earn credits.

  11. Students who do not receive credits for the optional course are required to repeat the course.